Development Studies

The study of development is a science that developed through interdisciplinary studies of development issues over the years. The interdisciplinary perspective in this Doctoral Degree program is applied as a consequence of the problems of development itself that is generally not stand-alone but is an interrelated issue, either vertically or horizontally. As a specific science, the study of development is composed of three interrelated elements; normative elements (values ​​and ethics); descriptive elements (theories and conceptions); and prescriptive elements (strategy and engineering).

This study program believes the development paradigm that was explored by the development experts who concern with the people-oriented development in the 1980s. Further development issues, especially since the increasingly emerging issues of environmental quality, has also led to a shift in the development paradigm towards environmental sustainability of development. Currently, development experts fully understands sustainable development as a manifestation of three main pillars namely, economic, social and environmental development.

The change of strategic environment and this shift of development paradigm require human resources analyst, planners and policy makers who can encourage and develop policy development planning comprehensively. The Doctorate Program of Development Studies (PDSP) at the University of Andalas Graduate Program is intended to contribute to meet the need for this provision of human resources.

Based on the understanding of the development of theories, conception and development paradigm that developed until now, then PDSP is aimed to build more dynamic thoughts on the basis of more integrative science (integration among social, economic, technical and other disciplines), Which prioritizes sides on the aspects of welfare, equity and sustainability.

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