Science of Extension and Development Communication

One of development issues (in urban and rural areas) that is very strategic today, is how to accomplish the quality of society that has the characteristics of “madani”, independent, dignified, communicative, self-help (swadaya), and always develop/ increase capacity of self, towards socio-economic prosperity.

A number of studies have shown that development objectives will be achieved optimally, if there is a community participation in each development activities, where those communities used to take the available opportunities to improve the quality of their life and their environment. However, participation does not always arise spontaneously, because empirical data indicate that the community needs to have experience in a learning process, which aims to increase knowledge and capabilities/ skills and the growth of community motivation to be and willing to take advantage of the available opportunities (Slamet, 1992).

All of the above discourse is the scope of extension function and development communication, and the science required to carry out that function is the SCIENCE OF EXTENSION AND DEVELOPMENT COMMUNICATION.

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