The development of biotechnology on a global scale shows a sensational improvement. The contributions to cover various aspects in the field of human life ranging from industry, healthcare, agriculture, animal husbandry, pharmacy, even anthropological and criminal societies. In the industrial sector, biotechnology has been able to show a real contribution in the creation of biological-based industrial activities or known as bioindustry and the creation of new types of employment. In 2001 bioindustry was able to provide a profit of US$ 34.8 billion. Unfortunately 97% of these benefits are only own by three major countries namely the United States, Canada and Europe.

In Indonesia, especially West Sumatera Province has abundant natural resources, especially biodiversity of flora and fauna. Where Indonesia occupies the richest number two in the world after Brazil, coupled with a large population, Indonesia actually has potential to exploit biotechnological advancements to prosper its society.

For that reason, it is necessary to strengthen the understanding in the form of education that specifically explore biotechnology, both in scientific techniques, and the development of contributions and innovations to use biotechnology in various aspects of life for the welfare of mankind. Biotechnology is a collection of diverse areas of expertise, namely: biochemistry, microbiology, molecular and cellular biology, genetics, embryology, immunology, reproductive biology and computer experts. All those who master in the fields of science must work in a team. Thus, biotechnology activities can be done to add value to industries that have made use of biotechnology. Based on that thought, it is fitting that Andalas University with its motto "Untuk Kedjajaan Bangsa (for the glory of nation) " takes an important role in the nation's development in education to develop understanding and application of biotechnology.

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